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Tell it as it is.

by Anil Constantine, Brand Blogger

There is one distinct emotion I feel as I start to write my first ever blog post — Terror. Or more accurately, sheer terror. I stare into the abyss and the whiteness of the blank page stares back at me.

As a Brand Builder with experience across the Gulf Cooperation Council and India, will my experiences contribute to the prosperity and progress of humanity? Can my understanding of the scientific-art of brand-building really consider such lofty ideals? Is the profession of brand-building really such a big deal as it is made out to be? Is it worthy?

There’s only one way to find out. Tell it as it is.


The name is Anil Constantine and I enjoy building Brands. I really do. The very fact that I can take inanimate ideas, products and services, and bring them to life in the minds of people I might never even meet, or even visit the countries they live in, gives me great joy. A surreal sense of achievement.

I have discovered the scientific-art of Branding is uniform universally. And the challenges faced by Brand Managers / Owners are consequently uniform, universally. So I’ve decided to share from my 30+ years hands-on experience in building Brands to help in any little way I can.

On another note, if you think I’ll be a worthy Brand Advisor / Consultant / Manager / Creative Director / Copywriter on your Brand, or just want to vent ;-) I’d actually love to hear from you at

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