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Brief: Facebook has lost a lot of trust equity over the years. People have trust issues with it and it is only growing. This will directly affect Meta's performance and growth. How would you resolve it?

Strategy: Facebook's trust issues stem from the fact that they have not been absolutely transparent about many things. In addition to that, Mr. Zuckerberg's history does them no favours regardless of how hard he tries to change that image.

Proposition: Create an anti-Mark Zuckerberg campaign that echoes the sentiments of the markets and counter those sentiments by revealing Mark's humanness. 


Brief: A large oil company has decided to follow a number of regulations and policies that are environmentally friendly. Design a Corporate Identity to show the evolution in corporate purpose without losing the essence of the core values.

Proposition: A purely design exercise that needs to demonstrate the evolution.

The Moon

Brief: How do we get people interested again in going to the moon?

Strategy: A clever campaign that brings the attention back to the moon.



Brief: In the Middle East dominated by Pepsi-Cola, how can Coke draw more attention to itself without looking jaded?

Strategy: Pepsi has by default been seen as the drink of the youth while Coke has been invariably associated with more mature audiences. This is true regardless of what the 'marketing directors' on either side of the fence like to believe. Pepsi has also had the first mover advantage in the region. And it gained ground when Coke was banned for a period. Further emphasizing a youth vs mature audience is only going to turn people off in an already saturated digital environment.

Proposition: Go for a holistic REFRESH LIFE© concept. It puts the focus back on Coke as it offers a platform to launch into a space that permanently associates it with life.


Brief: Suriname is a tiny country in South America. Nobody knows about it. It needs businesses, investors and tourists to pump up its economy.

Strategy: Most people who hear about Suriname think it's a part of Indonesia. Most people also do not know this tiny country is rich in minerals, tourist spots and opportunities. Focus on drawing attention from the neighbourhood (North America and Brazil) before going truly international.

Proposition: Create a curious campaign that demands engagement 'DO YOU KNOW SURINAME?'


Brief: Design a new Corporate Identity for Air-India to reflect its aspirations under the new management of the TATAs.

Strategy: Air-India's overall image has taken a beating for many years thanks to complacency and inefficiency of its ever-changing managers.

Proposition: A modern translation of the essence of the historic glory days of Air-India. This brings back memories for the older audiences and raises curiosity in the younger.

Dumb Phones

Brief: ADHD has been declared an international epidemic. Create a marketing campaign that weans people off of their smart phones.

Strategy: Highlight the benefits of life without a smartphone. 

Proposition: Contrast the benefits of life with and without a smartphone.

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