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Anil Constantine (AC)

As a Brand Designer, it is my identified task to uncompromisingly articulate the unique values an idea represents in order to raise it to top-of-mind status. This idea might be in the form of a product, service, person, organization, corporation, institution or state.

My inclusive responsibilities may or may not cover auditing, positioning, corporate identity programming, marketing, advertising and management of this idea.

In my track-record of 20+ years of core Brand design I have been blessed to be directly involved in the creation, establishment and development of various SMEs, mammoth MNCs and one state to Brand dominance in their respective industry vertical.

On Brands & Branding

  1. Brands are emotions disguised as people, products, services, institutions and even countries.

  2. Creating well-built Brands is not for the faint-hearted. A Brand owner whose Brand is cherished by millions of people is, directly or indirectly, responsible for the decisions s/he makes.

  3. Well-built Brands disrupt our perception of reality and accelerate the progress of humanity.

  4. Unless you treat your Brand like a living entity, it is already dead.

  5. A Brand is not a logo and it is much more than just a logo.

  6. Corporate Identity is everything an entity projects into its audiences. Corporate image is everything that is understood from those projections.

  7. A Brand is an emotional experience.

  8. Brand loyalty is dictated by a Brand's ability to keep its audiences emotionally engaged.

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