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Building Brands with

Services & Solutions

A comprehensive range of services to help build concepts, products, services, institutions and even personalities to brand dominance.

Corporate Branding Corporate Identity programs and Brand ecosystem management.

Advertising & Marketing Creation, execution and management of 360 degree advertising campaigns including SM Management and Digital Marketing.

Personal Branding Discrete and NDA governed personal Brand development and management to achieve your goals.

Special Projects Annual Reports, Project Reports and Information Memorandum.

Corporate Art Brand-centric diaries and calendars.​

Abstract and motivational artworks for office environments.

Brand Building 101

1. Define & Focus

  1. Receive the Brief from the Client.

  2. Define the Brief and if necessary re-define it through research that might include Brand audits.

  3. Run the results past the Client.

  4. Sign-off on mutually agreed Brief.

2. Brand Identity Creation

Develop the Corporate Identity program - from key value statements and monograms all the way to detailed visual guide-lines/manuals.

3. Brand Image Creation

  1. Deploy Brand-centric Advertising and Marketing campaigns across all available platforms that project the essence of the Brand.

  2. Manage the Brand on a KPI marked road-map.

  3. Proactively pre-empt threats to the Brand and leverage its values when possible.

Blurred people mingling

Brand building is fundamentally a people business.


Dubai Financial Services Authority

The level of creativity and process that AC brings to the table is hard to find... outside New York... or even London.


Information Technology Authority of Oman

Congratulations. We are very proud of the work that has been done for our event. From concept to advertising to event management. Beautiful. Congratulations.


Saudi Arabian Cooperative Insurance Company

AC charged on par with some of the top global agencies... but the level of quality and commitment demonstrated exceeded international standards and transformed our 65 year old company into something modern, relevant and progressive.


Dana Gas

We thought he would be a bit expensive... But after trying out his services, there're absolutely no regrets. Fantastic work. Out of the box ideas.



We have four contracted international agencies... when we require something uniquely creative, we call AC. 


ETA Star Properties

Anything good you see here has been created by AC.​


Marketing types try to sound cool by talking of 'out-of-the-box' ideas. For AC, it's 'what box?'

Business People Talking

Your Brand Identity is

what people talk about when you're NOT in the room.

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